Lab introduction

Microwave-optoelectronic Integrated Device And System (MIDAS) group aims to be a global research group for next-generation electronic device technology.
With holding the vision of leading next-generation semiconductor device technology, the realization of future energy society and educating creative high-caliber talent, MIDAS pursues the contribution to human society by innovative research & technical development.

Vision & Mission

Leading researches on compound semiconductors for next-generation energy and information technologies

  • MISSION. 01

    Innovative compound semiconductor research

  • MISSION. 02

    Technology development for Future Energy Society

  • MISSION. 03

    Education for the creative scientists and engineers

The innovative semiconductor technology for broadband communications networks and wireless mobile communications based on high-speed semiconductor electronics have made great progress in industrial applications. For the next-generation wireless communications system requiring ultra-high frequency, low signal to noise ratio (SNR) and high power driving capabilities, THz wave technology based on III-V compound semiconductor transistor, Graphene and metamaterials are being developed in MIDAS group. Natural advantages of III-V compound semiconductors such as high carrier mobilities, high power capabilities and high-quality heterostructures can enjoy the generation of optoelectronic components and detecting optical signals, which can become a major role of the 4th industrial revolution discussing the AI, Big Data, 5G and IoT technologies. The renewable energy society after the industrial revolution using fossil fuels, comes to be a next generation of global direction. Compound semiconductor based solar cell and optoelectronic power semiconductor device have been investigated for optoelectronic-conversion technology and electric utility. Thin-film solar cells drive the second-generation solar cell with its unique advantage of flexibility, light-weight and miniaturization. Moreover, electronic devices with high efficiency and performance, was demanded for power transmission industry and researched in respect of semiconductor process technology. The predominance of technology is the main subject for leading research group. To realize the technological development, educating the high-caliber talent was to be accompanied and improve the synergy between human resources and technology. Studying about the various fields of the semiconductor device and semiconductor process skill prepare the next-generation semiconductor technology and self-directed research with detailed guidance induce the creative, talented person.