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Highly selective and low damage atomic layer etching of InP/InAlAs heterostructures for HEMT fabrica…
  • AuthorS. D. Park, C. K. Oh, W. S. Lim, H. C. Lee, J. W. Bae, and G. Y. Yeoma, T. W. Kim, J. I. Song, and J. H. Jang
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Micro-Racetrack Notch Filters Based on InGaAsP/InP High Mesa Optical Waveguides
  • AuthorW.S. Choi, W. Zhao, J.W. Bae, I. Adesida, B.A. Yu, Y.L. Lee, J. H. Jang
  • Year2007
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Effect of Temperature on the Bandwidth and Responsivity of Uni-Traveling-Carrier and Modified Uni-Tr…
  • AuthorDong-Hwan Jun, Jae-Hyung Jang, and Jong-In Song
  • Year2007
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Effect of Fluorine Ion/Neutral-beam irradiation on ohmic contact formation to n-type GaN
  • AuthorH. C. Lee, J. W. Bae, B. J. Park, J. H. Jang, and G. Y. Yeom
  • Year2007
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Comparative studies on Low resistance Pd-based ohmic contacts on p-GaAsSb
  • AuthorJ. H. Jang, H.K. Cho, J.W. Bae, S.W. Cho, N. Pan, and I. Adesida
  • Year2007
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Effects of electrical bias stress on the performance of ZnO based thin film transistors fabricated b…
  • AuthorR. Navamathavan, Eun-Jeong Yang, Jae-Hong Lim, Dae-Kue Hwang, in-Yong Oh, Jin-Ho Yang, Jae-Hyung Jang, Seong-Ju Park
  • Year2006
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Thin-Film Transistors Based on ZnO Fabricated by Using Radio-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering
  • AuthorR. Navamathavan, Jae-Hong Lim, Dae-Kue Hwang, Baek-Hyun Kim, Jin-Yong Oh, Jin-Ho Yang, Hyun-Sik Kim and Seong-Ju Park, Jae-Hyung Jang
  • Year2006
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Characteristics of 0.2 mm Depletion and Quasi-enhancement Mode Self-aligned Gate Capless p-HEMTs
  • AuthorT.-W. Kim, D.-H. Kim, S.-H. Shin, S.-J. Jo, J.H. Jang, and J.-I. Song
  • Year2006
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Fabrication and Characterization of In0.53Ga0.47As/In0.52Al0.48As Capless HEMTs
  • AuthorJ. H. Jang, and I. Adesida
  • Year2006
  • SourceIEICE Transactions on Electronics, 89, 8, pp. 1259-1262, 2006.
Atomic layer etching of InP using a low angle forward reflected Ne neutral beam
  • AuthorS. D. Park, C. K. Oh, J. W. Bae, and G. Y. Yeom, T. W. Kim, J. I. Song, J. H. Jang
  • Year2006
  • SourceApplied Physics Letters, 89, 043109, 2006.
Low loss high mesa optical waveguides based on InGaAsP/InP heterostructures
  • AuthorW. S. Choi, B. A. Yu, Y. R. Lee, J. W. Bae, W. Zhao, I. Adesida and J. H. Jang
  • Year2006
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Improved Efficiency-Bandwidth Product of Modified Uni-Traveling Carrier Photodiode Structures Using …
  • AuthorD. H. Jun, J. H. Jang, I. Adesida and J. I. Song
  • Year2006
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Enhancement-mode High Electron Mobility Transistors Lattice Matched To InP Substrates Utilizing Ti/P…
  • AuthorJ. H. Jang, S. Kim and I. Adesida
  • Year2006
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High Performance InP/InAlAs/GaAsSb/InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Utilizing Thin InAl…
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  • Year2006
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Fabrication and characterization of In0.52Al0.48As/In0.53Ga0.47As E/D-HEMT Lattice Matched to InP Su…
  • AuthorJ. H. Jang, S. Kim and I. Adesida
  • Year2006
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